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The Daily Grind

Nucleic Acids Res. 2001, 29(9):e45.

  • Equation for quantifying gene expression levels in real time PCR: Pfaffl formula
  • Interesting note: PR1 gene expression may correlate with SAR, but not with ISR which is independant ( Instead of Actigaurd as a control, we could be spraying plants with salicylic acid or ethylene! Another good paper, this time about bacteria as biocontrol/ISR agents: ( Huh -> Actiguard is an SAR stimulator, not ISR! (from the website: Actigard 50WG exhibits a unique mode of action which mimics the natural systemic activated resistance (SAR) response found in most plant species.)
  • Amy suggests I am taking over the California soil project, which means I will start trying to figure out/actually understand what is being done with that and get the technicians/students to start extracting DNA.
  • Streaking out glycerol stocks of Taq (Amp/Carb resistance) in E. coli, and just re-freezing at -80 all the other plasmids: pUC EUY in JM109, pDRIVE, GFPuv in pDRIVE, pCAMBIA, pART, pHANNIBAL, popCTL1::GUS in pCAMBIA (have tube of this in Agro too), Arabad prom in pDRIVE.
  • Streaking out plates of Kp342, Agrobacterium GV3101, E. coli JM109, P. putida UW4, Bacilus subtilus GB03 (growth promoting gas producer from Pare), E. coli Nissle, Gluconacetobacter azaotocaptans DS1, B. phytofirmans PsJN, A. diazotrophicus Nif MAd3A, and Azospirillum brasilensis SP7, NifA, and NifD
  • Their place in the glycerol stock box "Dr. Dav 1" is:
Well # Species/Strain Plasmid Original freezing date
1 E. coli DH5alpha pDRIVE (empty) 2008
2 E. coli DH5alpha pDRIVE (Arabad biobricked promoter) 2008
3 E. coli DH5alpha pDRIVE (GFPuv biobricked) 2008
4 E. coli DH5alpha pCAMBIA 1305.2 (empty) 2008
5 E. coli DH5alpha pART27 (empty) 2008
6 E. coli DH5alpha pHANNIBAL (empty) 2008
7 E. coli JM109 pUC-EUY (something to do with iGEM) 2008
8 E. coli DH5alpha pCAMBIA 1305.2 (PopCTL1 promoter::GUS) 2008
9 E. coli DH5alpha Taq enzyme in unknown plasmid with Amp/Carb resistance 2008
10 Agrobacterium tumefascians GV3101 pCAMBIA 1305.2 (35S::PopCTL2) 2008
11 Agrobacterium tumefascians GV3101 pCAMBIA 1305.2 (PopCTL1 promoter::GUS) 2008
12 Klebsiella pneumonii 342 none 2008
13 Agrobacterium tumefascians GV3101 none 2008
14 E. coli JM109 none 2008
15 Pseudomonas putida UW4 none (empty) 2008
16 Bacilus subtilis GB03 none 2008
17 E. coli Nissle 1917 none 2008
18 Gluconacetobacter azotocaptans DS1 none 2008
19 Azospirrilum brasilensis SP7 none 2008
20 Azospirrilum brasilensis SP7 8.09.92 none 2008
21 Azospirrilum brasilensis SP7 NifA mutant none 2008
22 Azospirrilum brasilensis SP7 NifD mutant none 2008
23 Acetobacter diazotrophicus Nif mutant MAd3A (jar) none 2008
24 Acetobacter diazotrophicus Nif mutant MAd3A (plate) none 2008
25 Agrobacterium tumefascians GV3101 none 2008
26 Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN none 2008