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The Daily Grind

  • * Doing a small trial for testing the germination and growth of corn in magentas. Using the hybrid variety that Veronica suggested, and considering using it alongside the Brazilian landrace, Lenha for my trial. Details about the genotype: Is called "BRS 1030". Put out by Brasmilho, which is a company producing the seeds which were bred originally by EMBRAPA. Specifically they were produced by SAO GERALDO P.C. E Servicos LTDA - batch number 0059/2009. They were treated with two insecticides (0.0001% of I.A. with K-obiol 25 CE which contains 2.5% Deltamethrine)(0.0008% of I.A. with Actellic 500 CE which contains 50% Pirimifos-Metil) and one fungicide (0.0035% of I.A. of Maxim XL which contains 2.5% Fludioxonil and 1% Metalazyl-M)
  • Contact Brasmilho at or website
  • Going to germinate 30 and put 1 and 3 into each of the three different soils in autoclaved magentas to evaluate the germination and growth protocol. Soaking the 30 in distilled, autoclaved water over night (24 hours), then transferring them to autoclaved petri dishes with autoclaved filter paper and autoclaved water. Will record how long I have to wait for germination.