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The Daily Grind

  • Gather 100 healthy seeds from the cob. Divide the seeds into two groups of 50 seeds, and place them in 50mL Falcon Tubes. Fill the tubes with 25mL of sterilization solution (bleach and tween)each, and leave for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, drain the sterilization solution from the tubes, and rinse with ddH20. Rinse with ethanol, and again with ddH20. Repeat the ethanol/ddH20 stage 3 times, making sure to shake the seeds liberally while rinsing.
  • Place two Kimwipes on the bottom of a large mono plate. Put 25 seeds on each plate, orienting them 5 seeds across by 5 seeds down, making sure to keep the seeds facing all one direction. Place another 2 Kimwipes on top, and apply ddh20 onto the wipes so they are fully moistened but not dripping. Repeat this step for all 4 mono plates.
  • Place the 4 mono plates in a dark cupboard, covered in a towel or coat as to block light from reaching the seeds. Let sit for 6 days.