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The Daily Grind

  • Tried electroporating all the candidate endophytes (ones that took up pDSK-GFPuv) with Arabad:GFP in pDRIVE. Now waiting for them to grow, where I'll redo the arabinose sensitivity assay. Will also do an arabinose toxicity assay on potatoes and corn (which I'm sterilizing with bleach for an hour and growing on sterile water agar rather than doing a greenhouse assay)
  • The greenhouse plants I will reserve for doing a pDSK-GFPuv tagged endophyte assay. Will grow colonies of pDSK-GFPuv tagged JM109, Kp342, 1B8, 1C12, 1E2, 1E9, 2C10 for resuspention and injection into 3 leaf stage corn seedlings. Will inject 25 ul of OD=0.2 suspention into each plant 5 cm above the crown (will also inject sterile buffer). Will do this in duplicate, wait 3 days, take root samples, grind them up, plate them. Will also make hand sections of main roots, stain with propidium iodide and get confocal images for this.