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The Daily Grind

  • To do: Measure bacterial growth on LGI, LGI+ACC
  • To do: Innoculate LGI/M9 (plus 500 ug/mL Arabinose and 1ul/mL IPTG) with or without ACC (0.05 g in 10 mL) with 100 ul of washed E. coli (OD=0.3)
  • To do: Conduct trial and real auxin, siderophore, and antibiosis assays (poured 30 mL of LB/agar ontop of 1% agar mid layer - with 60 ul of OD=0.5 suspended microbes)
  • To do: sort through soil swap sequences.
  • To do: Hand in second round of soil swap TRFLP