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The Daily Grind

  • To do: Labelled PCR for TRFLP(use 2 ul of previous 41f/1492r PCR as template)
  • To do: To test reactions for plate pours
  • To do: Do plate pour assays
  • To do: Inject resuspended GFP tagged endophytes into corn plants (1 week prior to grinding roots and screening for root migrating endophytes)
  • To do: Testing ACC deaminase containing E. coli tommorow (two of my constructs plus the LAC::ACC one from glycerol stocks) in LGI mixed 1:1 with M9 minimal media without nitrogen; there will also be 500 ug/mL Arabinose and 1 ul/mL of IPTG. Test samples will contain 5 mM ACC.