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The Daily Grind

  • To do: Replica plates (duplicates of 4 + 5 combined on all treatments) are 48 hours old now, and generally look like they've grown enough. For 24 hours more, they have been placed at 4 degrees to allow them to "age". Tommorow afternoon, I will take them out, pour siderophore solution on there, E. coli, bacilus, yeast, or perchloric acid onto RNA.
  • To do: Gel extracting restricted plasmids and doing overnight ligation (re-trying to fuse PSBA promoter to diff genes in pDRIVE)
  • To do: sequence all the positives from yesterday. There should be enough for a full 96 well plate.
  • To do: Inoculate fresh R2A broth with 1A1 and 2A10 for pouring on plants tommorow

Today, Sarah is scoring soil endophytes innoculated onto potatoes. I think its about half the population; these were not checked for OD, but they should give a general indication of whether these bacteria are pathogens or not.