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The Daily Grind

  • To do: Run gel of Arabad::PDS RNAi (Nde/Spe) and Arabad::ACCD (both pDRIVE), gel extract, and religate together.
  • To do: Submit rest of sequencing samples. There's a problem with the sequencing (likely extra primers left over in the PCR product) but it appears I'll be able to salvage sequence by manually altering the chromatograms. Will do this over the weekend at the cafe...
  • To do: Make glycerol stock of soil endophytes using colony resuspention technique. Do replica plating at the same time.

Made overnights of PSBA::GFP in pDRIVE 4 times, and they will not grow! Apparently the high copy plasmid combined with high level expression of GFP is inhibiting growth!