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The Daily Grind

  • To do:
    • Make 6 plates/media of each test media and imprint plates 3,4/5
    • Make triplicate glycerol stock of 4,5
    • Stamp two plates each of 3,4/5
    • Cut out PSBA::GFP with Eco/Spe and ligate into Eco/Spe cut Arabad::PDS RNAi (leaving the terminator for subsequent subcloning).
  • Interesting news! When I put 200 ul of 10% Arabinose on 20 mL LB plates, I got strong GFP expression off the Arabad::GFP in pDRIVE in 1A1, a bit less in Kp342, and little in 1A8 and 1C4. Interestingly, at this level, DH5 E. coli had no expression, and neither did 1C8, 1B12. Will have to do confocal work to validate these in planta.