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The Daily Grind

  • I did the endophyte innoculation experiment today. Cut potatoes and immediately immersed them without blotting them dry and put them back in the PNCM. Bacteria were either Methylobacterium ( ), Burkholderia ( ), or Deinococcus ( ). These were steaked out on plates, and grown for three days in R2A with shaking at 37. The liquid cultures were spun down and resuspended to OD600 = 1 and 0D600 = 0.2, while a loopful of colony was resuspeded in 1 mL of R2A or sodium phosphate buffer. As negative controls, 3 plants were also dunked in bacteria free R2A or sodium phosphate buffer. After two weeks and one month, plants will be looked at and evaluated for growth promotion. After one month, plants will be taken out and weighed fresh, as well as stored and kept for dry weights.