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The Daily Grind

  • Got primers, so doing PCR of AraBAD promoter (cut and ligate with Xba/Spe into pSB1A2), medium promoter, weak promoter (cut them and pSB1A2 with Eco/Spe and ligate them all together). Then cutting the resulting plasmids with Nde/Pst, ligating in the GFPuv from pDSK-GFPuv. Plasmids with fluorescence will be used to recieve ACC, PDS RNAi, TB1 RNAi, and alsS (also cut with NdeI/Spe). The alsS plasmid will then need alsD put in afterwards using Spe plus dephosphorylation.
  • pouring plates for streaking out soil endopyte glycerol stocks (old plates were over grown with fungus)