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The Daily Grind

  • Jaqui made a bunch of overnights for transgenic endophytes tommorow (like 50)
  • Met Manish and he's worried: have 12 months of lab work left to do. Suggests we could scrap the competition experiment. Probably we scrap the BAC project. Suggests I only have time for one other project, and agreed it could be the Mexico soil project if I only use two teosintes and two temperate lines. Trangenic endophytes would be a Friday afternoon project. Wants me to redo plate assays : make plate 4 and 5 of de-replicated endophytes all at OD600=0.1 and of the 24 or so slow growers. Made me switch potatoes to a new chambers (tommorow check humidity and light intensity) and wants me to conduct a seedling soil endophyte study comparison (at least on 5 plants grown on Elora soil).