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Balmer series.

We used neon instead of mercury, because we couldn't find the mercury lamp.


Wavelength follows:

Some of the visible lines of neon:

l nm Color

  • 540.1 green
  • 585.2 yellow
  • 588.2 yellow
  • 603.0 orange
  • 607.4 orange
  • 616.4 orange
  • 621.7 red-orange
  • 626.6 red-orange
  • 633.4 red
  • 638.3 red
  • 640.2 red
  • 650.6 red
  • 659.9 red
  • 692.9 red
  • 703.2 red

We are setting the slit at .5 mm. We are now trying to figure out the set up works. Now we

Measurments Calibration ( We used neon)

-Accepted Values of Hydrogen Spectra

410.8 Violet1 434.1 Violet2 486.0 Green/Blue 656.0 Red

1st 540.1 nm green.

406.0 Violet1 436.3 Violet2 554.7 Green 670.1 Red

We can see that our results are very bad so we are going to try a new calibration.

We are going to use a helium lamp now let see how that works.

2nd Measurment.

Red (667.8 nm)

So we now now that all our measurments were wrong because we were using the mercury lamp instead of the hydrogen we realized this because of the close yellow lines og hydrogen

2nd Measurment.

Red (667.8 nm)

  • 411.5 nm violet1
  • 436.05 nm violet2
  • 499.1 nm green/blue
  • 668 nm Red

We found the mercury lamp so we are going to used that one to calibrate now.

Violet at 435.8 nm.

  • 410.4 nm pm .1 violet1
  • 434.1 nm pm .1 nm violet2
  • 486.0 nm pm .05 blue/green
  • 660.5 nm Red

For anaylizing information: WIKI[2]

Rydberg Constant[3]

2nd Lab

We are going to measure the spectrum of the deuturium today. We are going to calibrate it now using the mercury lamp. We set up the calibration and the violet, green coinceded very well. The yellow was deviated by .5 nm.

  • We used an excel spreadsheet to write te measurments. I think this is more efficient because you can start doing calculations right away.