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Speed of Light Lab Notes

  • We are familiarizing ourselves with the equipment.

We are trying to undestand how the mechanism works and identify each of the parts.

Set Up

We are following the procedure now. We read in the manual that the HV of the PMT should be between 1800V and 2000V. Since it was already at 1900 V we left it there.

  • First Measurment 4 nsec delay

Ruler : 100 cm TAC : 1990V max CH2: 3.12 +/- 0.04V

Ruler : 80 cm TAC : 1990V max CH2: 4.32 +/- 0.06V

Ruler : 60 cm TAC : 1990V max CH2: 6.00 +/- 0.06V

We know how to take the measurments, and next class we will be ready since the start of the class to make plenty of measurments.