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Team Meeting


  • Hopefully LovTap now is ligated with seven different promoters. Now is time to go back the OmpC/F promoters.
    • OmpC + inverted repeat + GFP
    • OmpF inserted into a plasmid

WetLab: LovTap + promoters

Transformation report

The transformation from 250810 got well, for all the promoters a considerable amount of colonies were gotten. For each product eight colonies were selected and replaqued.

LovTap + promoters

The transformation products from 240810 were replaqued, for each reaction eight colonies were selected. These were then analised with a digestion protocol to obtain the LovTap element ligated to the promoter upstream, the process showed that it is had sucessful products at least for one of the low, medium and strong promoters. The sucessful products were purified and stored at -20ºC.