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WetLab: OmpC/F promoter

Electrophoresis Gel

In order to probe the PCR reaction from 070810 and the digestion of OmpC.

  • Lane1 Ladder
  • Lane 12 OmpC digested
  • Lane 13 OmpC plasmid
  • Lane 14 OmpF PCR
  • Lane 15 (-) control
OmpF RTTH 170810.jpg

It seems that the digestion procedure got well, it is had differential running from the OmpC samples. For the PCR reaction the negative control sample runs as expected, it could't be said the same for the OmpFp product, however the product by itself is a possitive result because it provides us information about the specificity of the primers.

The OmpC/F promoters obtention will be left, the effords will be focus on LovTap.