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Modeling: PoPS

From de article: "Measuring the activity of BioBrick promoters using an in vivo reference standard"

  • Promoter activity. Number of RNAp molecules that pass by the final base pair of the promoter and continue along DNA as an elongation complex.
  • PoPs (Absolute activity of promoter). Rate of successful mRNA initiation events per DNA copy of each promoter. Number of elongating polymerases per second (PoPs) exiting the promoter.
  • RPUs (Relative activity of promoter). Ratio of absolute activity of the promoter to the absolute activity of a reference standard promoter measure under the same conditions and with the same measurement instruments.

BioBrick Plasmids

  • [pSB3K3]
    • p15A origin of replication
    • 10-12 copy number
    • kn resistance
  • [pSB4T5]
    • pSC101 origin of replication
    • ~5 copy number
    • tet resistance
  • [pSB3C5]
    • p15A origin of replication
    • unknown copy number
    • cm resistance

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