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Wet Lab: OmpC/F promoter

Electrophoresis Gel OmpF PCR_RTTH

In order to probe the PCRs reactions an electroforesis gel was made. This was loadded as follows:

  • Lane1. Ladder
  • Lane2. PCR1 (pSB3K3 + GFP_OmpF)
  • Lane3. PCR2 (pSB3K3 + GFP_control_bluepromoter)
  • Lane4. PCR3 (pSB3K3 + GFP_control)
  • Lane5. PCR4 (pSB1C3_OmpC)
  • Lane6. PCR5 (pSB1C3_control)

The PCR product is between 2000-2500bp

It is had PCR product from the pSB1C3 backbone. The next step is to run a second PCR reaction with the other OmpF REV primer, using as template the product from the PCR4.