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Wet Lab: OmpC/F promoter

OmpC transformation reporter

The OmpC tranformation from 03/08/10 was unsuccesful. It was got colonies just for the positive control BBa_I51020. The procedure would be done again, this time with 7μL of BBa_R0082.

OmpC transformation

  • 50 μL DH5α for each plasmid
    • 7 μL of BBa_R0082
    • 5 μL plasmid N. 19

1) 20' on ice

2) 1' 42ºC

3) 5' on ice

4) 60' in 1 ml of LB medium at 37ºC

5) 1' at 13000 rpm

Two petri boxes were made with LBAm to plaque the transformed cells. 100 μL were added and left overnight at 37ºC.