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From the article: "Robustness and the cycle of phosphorylation and dephosphorylation in a two-component regulatory system"

  • EnvZ is less abundant than OmpR : the steady-state level of OmpR-P is insensitive to variatios in the concentration of EnvZ.
  • OmpR-P is insensitive to variations in the concentration of OmpR when the OmpR concentration is sufficiently high.
  • At low concentrations of OmpR-P ompF is activated.
  • In EnvZ the autokinase, phosphotransfer and phophatase reactions overlap and interact.
  • The numbers of EnvZ and OmpR molecules per cell have boon determined to be 100 and 3500, ratio EnvZ-to-OmpR ratio of 3%.
  • YFP fluorescence remained relatively constant over the full range of [EnvZ]T Undetermined factors regulate ompC expression.
  • Possible that very high levels of unphosphorylated OmpR could activate ompC and repress ompF
  • The change on ompC/ompF transcription as a function of osmolarity is quite gradual.
  • Incorporation of OmpR-DNA binding
  • EnvZ dimerization, binding of OmpR to EnvZ, conformational changes of OmpR