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χρόνος πέρασμα August 4th 2011

B0015 Characterization

  • The transformation of J04450-E0430 was succesful, several colonies were isolated for further plasmid extraction. Transformation of the other ligation (J04450-E0422).

  • Today I checked the transformation of the ligated bioparts J04450-E0430. Finally, some red colonies can be appreciated. All the gray colonies could only be produced if the 11 nucleotide long fragment that was removed from the pSB1A2 between the sites EcoRI and XbaI was ligated de nouveau. The red colonies could only be produced if the J04450 biopart was succesfully ligated within the pSB1A2 backbone just next to E0430.

Dramirez transformation J04450-E0430.jpg

  • 2 petri dishes were prepared with LB solid medium with ampicillin and were separated in four sections each, eight red colonies were chosen and left to grow at 37°C.
  • I also transformed the ligation (J04450-E0422) I left incubating at 25°C yesterday into DH5α cells. 5 μl of the ligation volume was used, I followed Miguel Ángel's protocol.