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χρόνος πέρασμα August 2nd 2011

B0015 Characterization

  • The double digestions of all the bioparts that are to be used (E0422, E0430, I20260 and J04450) resulted ok. Transformation of the ligation of the bioparts J04450 and E0430.

  • Today I transformed the ligation I left yesterday (J04550 and E0430) into DH5α competent cells. 5 μl of the ligation volume was used and ampicillin was added. I followed Miguel Ángel's protocol. The resulting petri dishes were left incubating at 37°C.
  • I also checked the plasmid double digestions I left incubating yesterday. The results were what they were expected (correct sizes). Lane #1 contains 1kb DNA ladder, lanes #2 and #3 contain double digested biopart E0422, lanes #4 and #5 contain double digested biopart E0430, lanes #6 and #7 contain double digested biopart I20260, lanes #8 and #9 contain double digested biopart J04450. As it can be seen, biopart E0422 is very clean, so it will not be necessary to extract it from a low density agarose electrophoretic gel.

Dramirez doubledigestion E0422 E0430 I20260 J04450.jpg

  • Finally, I checked the optical density of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii liquid culture I left friday, it is growing slowly, it has OD750 = 0.07; I will induce anaerobiosis when it reaches OD750 = 1.