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χρόνος πέρασμα June 6th 2011


  • Ligation of the double digested pBBRMCS5 to test for the digestion effectivity. LB solid medium preparation.

  • Today I checked the petri dishes again from the previous experiment in which the double digestion was tested. All the plates but one, the plating control, had bacteria colonies. Apparently, these bacteria aren't E. coli, that is why the gentamicin antibiotic wasn't effective against these invaders. The problem comes from the transformation procedure, I didn't utilize sterile tips when doing the transformation, I think it is here when I accidentally contaminated the eppendorf tubes. Fortunately, the eppendorf tubes where the digestions reside remain clean. We will do the experiment again. Gustavo Ruíz and I made the ligation again, as it was done here.
  • I prepared LB solid medium, following Miguel's protocol. 1 l was made, adding the bacteriologic agar once I separated the liter into 4 500 ml flasks.