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χρόνος πέρασμα May 23th 2011

  • Today I was in charge to prepare the appropiate E. coli S17 competent cells. These are useful when you want to conjugate plasmids to another bacterium. And that's exactly the purpuse of trying to use them; eventually, E.coli cells will carry our plasmids containing our constructions, but we need them to reside in R. etli, and as nobody has ever found phages for R.etli, the only way we can make the rhizobia to carry the plasmids is through conjugation. I searched for protocols to make E.coli S17 competent cells but found any... what I found is that most of the protocols I did found had an specificity for some special competent bacteria, the protocols aren't as promiscuous as I thought (and to follow any of them should take several days).
  • I went to Miguel's lab to ask if somebody could lend us somo E.coli S17 competent cells, a girl named America will hand them to us when we need them.