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χρόνος πέρασμα May 20th 2011

  • Today I didn't do any wetlab duty.
  • Instead, all the wetlab members gathered to organized ourselves. The point of this organization is to set our goals in a timetable manner. We did a document that describes all the activities that must be done before the synthesis arrive. I helped doing the gardening part.

At first, Ivonne Toledo (the greenhouse master) told me we needed to test if we were going to use pots or flasks to put our plants. But at 6:20 pm I went to see her, along with Gustavo Ruíz, to hear what she had to say to us after she had read the letter I wrote describing what we plan to do and approximately what we will be needing. Esperanza and Ivonne decided that the best choice is to use flasks, with these it can be very easy to see how the nodules are growing (and immediately see any morphological abnormality). What is left to test is to observe the differences in growing the plants inside the culture room or in the greenhouses. We will begin testing this in two weeks, June 6th; Ivonne wants us to thing in experimental variants for this experiment, so far we only have in our disposition the R. etli mutant strains that do not fix as much nitrogen as the wild-type. We have got to think more experiments. She also said that it is up to us to investigate how to detect hydrogen with a gas chromatographer (as it is very likely that the one Gina has is not able to do it).

  • I volunteered to draw the logo draft for next tuesday (May 24th).