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χρόνος πέρασμα May 19th 2011

  • Today we, the wetlab section of the project, begin with the calendar organization we had proposed to do in the last general counsil (I must thank Helena Reyes for the meal).
  • I made a letter that described briefly what we intend to do in our project, what materials we will occupy in the gardening section, how many experiments we intend to perform, since when we will be needing space either inside the greenhouses or in the culture rooms, etc. I went to handle it to Ivonne Toledo and Esperanza Martínez, I couldn't find them, so I sent it to them by email.
  • At 5:00 pm we had a meeting with Miguel Ramírez, our instructor. He told us we might not be able to finish the project as expected, we've got not much time left. The worst case scenario is that we only manage to transfer the genetic circuit to R. etli without inoculating it to Phaseolus vulgaris (well...being honest, WCS is that the constructions are not working in the rhizobium at all). Apparently, gardening is now disponsable, nonetheless we will continue doing gardening as long as we can (if it does not consumes wetlab time).
  • I went to see how is the plasmid extraction with a kit, it is fast and furious. We might use it from now on. The plasmid pBBRMCS5 is now correctly isolated.