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χρόνος πέρασμα May 11th 2011

  • As the electrophoresis gel we ran yesterday resulted to be fuzzy and unreliable I isolated de nouveau both plasmids, pBBRMCS5 and pSB4C5.
  • I followed the same protocol, with the same modifications (see May 10th) but in this occasion Uriel told us to use freshly made "Solution 2" (see the manual appendix). This solution was made by Helena Reyes and Melissa Molho. 20 µl of RNAse was added to the extracted plasmids, as Orlando (from Miguel Ramírez lab) told me it wouldn't have any difference to use 20 or 60 µl (besides,there isn't any diluted RNAse left,we have got to prepare more).
  • I sent the letter to Pam Silver, asking for the sequences we need to make the control constructions.