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χρόνος πέρασμα May 6th 2011

  • We run in a gel the extracted plasmid pBBRMCS5 to see if it was what we wanted to isolate. The problem was that we didn't use a reference ladder, so we are not very sure what is it that appears throughout the gel. The good point is that all the bands are the same size and no contamination is observed.
  • At 5:00 p.m. our buddies from C.U. (Estudios Latinoamericanos) arrived to have a meeting with us regarding the Human Practices aspect of the project. We explained them the system. They asked us their doubts, the things they need to now in order to do their part. We should be talking the same language from now on.
  • While some of my labmates cleaned the lab, I wrote the overview of the Methodology/Experimental Design part from the OilSands form.
  • I went to talk to Federico Sánchez along with Paulina Alatriste. He showed interest regarding our project. He does have the mutant Phaseolus vulgaris that nodulates giant...nodules. The problem is his lab does not have seeds to spare to us. He proposed to star growing the plants to obtain lots of seeds. We shall start doing it on Monday 9th.