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This project is targeted at testing the potential of brain morphometry for comparative evolutionary analyses, as discussed in

  1. Mietchen D and Gaser C. Computational morphometry for detecting changes in brain structure due to development, aging, learning, disease and evolution. Front Neuroinform. 2009;3:25. DOI:10.3389/neuro.11.025.2009 | PubMed ID:19707517 | HubMed [Paper14]

It takes haplorhine primates as an example. Some preliminary results are presented in this poster for HBM 2010, based on these data.


  • An abstract, Optimizing automated processing streams for brain morphometric comparisons across multiple species, has been accepted as a poster at the Human Brain Mapping 2010 conference.
At the conference, there will be a keynote on "Comparative Neuroimaging Across Species" (cf. ) by Wim Vanduffel ( ), focusing on fMRI of the visual system
There will also be a morning workshop "Multi-Subject Surface-Based Analysis of fMRI Data: Challenges, Solutions and Limitations"
  • So far, most of the notes on this project have been taken on a private wiki, but we will see to move a larger fraction here in time for the project to start. Any comments or inquiries are most welcome.

Associated files

  • Marino 1998 Primate brain measurements: Mean brain weight, mean body weight, and mean brain weight/body weight ratio for 60 anthropoid primate species (adults, combined sexes), according to Tab. 1 in Marino 1998.
There are also the following supplementary columns:
  • Log brain mass;
  • EQ_Jerison
  • EQ_Stephan
The latter two were calculated according to the formulas given on p. 112 in Holloway 1980
  • Jerison’s [1973] EQ, calculated from the equation EQ = brain weight/0.12 * body weight^0.666 ;
  • Stephan et al.’s [1969] EQ, calculated from the equation EQ = brain weight/0.0429 * body weight^0.63 ;
  • Genetic distance, as taken from Fig. 3 of Xing 2007
Note that there is an erratum for this paper (hidden at the end of this pdf; wasn't aware of it until now, but doesn't seem to affect the data taken from there): "In reference to ‘A Comparison of Encephalization between Odontocete Cetaceans and Anthropoid Primates’, by L. Marino, published in Brain Behav Evol 1998;51:230–238, the journal has been asked to print the corrected figure1. The axes in the original figure were reversed. In tables 1 and 2, the reference to mean brain weight/body weight ratios should be disregarded."
  • Subjects: Names or labels of primate subjects (mostly from Rilling and Insel, 1998) for which I have MR data. For each subject, the data concerning its species is transferred from the previous sheet.

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