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Reduction of Copper and Gold Salts

The following procedure is adapted from the Bakshi et al (2011) previously referenced:

  • Solution 1: BSA and Cupric(II) Acetate

-0.0015mM BSA (0.0005g)

-0.25mM cupric acetate monohydrate (0.0005g)

-distilled water to 5mL volume

Mix by inversion

  • Solution 2: BSA and Chloroauric acid

-0.0015mM BSA (0.0005g)

-0.25mM chloroauric (III) acid trihydrate (0.0003g)

-distilled water to 5mL volume

Mix by inversion

  • Solution A: Zein (30mL)

(In order:)

-10% w/v zein (3.00g)

-90% v/v 95% ethanol (27mL)

-30% (on zein weight) glycerol (900μL)

-Mix with stir bar ~30minutes after addition of ethanol and again after addition of glycerol.

  • The BSA solutions (1&2) were heated to 80°C in an oven in glass test tubes with metal push caps for 6 hours. The absorbances of the solutions should have theoretically been taken at t=0, +30min, +60min, +120min, and so forth. However, only two absorbances were taken: 1 at +150min and the other at +210min. The absorbance at +150min at 550nm was 0.449 for a cuvette with 5x dilute BSA-Au solution. At this point the solution had changed from a fairly clear, if not faintly orange-red, to a deep burgundy color.
  • Solutions 1 and 2 were left overnight.