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Monitoring Activity of HRP-AuNP complexes

  1. HRP-AuNP complex solution from the alpha method and the polydopamine-coated AuNPs were placed in high velocity tubes.
  2. The nano particle solutions were spun at 18,000rpm for 3 hours.
  3. The supernatants were discarded and the pellets were resuspended in water.
  4. The polydopamine-coated AuNPs were stored at 4 degrees Celsius
  5. The resuspended HRP-AuNP complex solutions were analyzed for activity using UV-Vis
    1. The nano particles were added to hydrogen peroxide and OPD (Ophenylenediamine)
    2. Active HRP catalyzes the reaction of Ophenylenediamine with H2O2 to produce 2,3-Diaminophenazine

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 10.44.57 PM.png

      1. Stock solution of OPD with a concentration of 1mg/mL
      2. Stock solution of H2O2 113uL