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  • Turns out that using wgTitle was a bad idea as it only cuts everything in front of a semicolon off of the title, and it remove special characters such as underscores from the title. The wgPageName appears to give the entire page name as desired. Thanks to Steve Koch for helping me track this bug down.
  • Also found some weird issues with cookies from older versions of the extension causing it to fail to work on some pages. So I added a function to reset cookies created by old versions of the extension.


  • The more work I do on these mediawiki extensions the more I realize that the documentation for writing extensions is far from complete, and in some cases no longer accurate. I'm going to try to improve and/or update the documentation for the portions I have to get familiar with.
    • Steve Koch 18:37, 7 February 2009 (EST): That is a really great idea that will help out a lot of people!