User:Claire N. Lacey/Notebook/PCR for Karenia brevis in Choctawhatchee Bay/2014/03/15

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Sample Extraction

  • What a day in the lab...

Attempting a full run of samples today.

Thermocycler has 72 wells

 72/3 = 24 
 6 standards
 1 negative control 
 24 - 7 = 17 

2 thermocyclers

 17 * 2 = 34 samples

Centrifuge can hold 30, so I will extract & run 29 samples and 1 standard.

Decided on samples to use. Selected one sample from each consecutive sampling event, alternating sites each time.

Went to get samples and standard from the -80 freezer. Freezer vapour-locked while I was selected samples so I couldn't get a standard and had to temporarily put my samples in the freezer downstairs.

Since I couldn't start extraction w/out the standard, I decided to organize my sample in boxes, instead of the baggies they were currently in. Hopefully this improves efficiency when gathering samples in the future. Samples are ordered consecutively and boxes are labeled w/ the RT (sampling event) # and the range of samples included.