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Max, Naomi, Christine, Jesse, Geoff, Felix, Alex

SGA paperwork

  • Work on new RSO registration form to be done and submitted
  • Needs signature

1) Practice / Workshops

  • Glowing plants
  • DNA in vial
  • Beer
  • Fomites
  • Amino acid paintings
    • Chromatography
    • Blot amino acids on paper
    • Travels through the paper at different rates
    • Spray with ammonia to visualize the color complex
  • Colored moss art
    • Different phenotypes
    • How difficult to mess with moss genetics?


Dave Casey

  • Orlando Science Center
  • How genetics works
  • Teach an elementary class / workshop that people are willing to pay for
  • Funded projects
    • OpenqPCR
      • Chai Biotechnologies
      • Low-cost diagnostics
      • Visually designed web GUI
      • Modular open source software
      • Targets specific DNA sequence
    • OpenTrons
      • Automated pipetting system
      • Design protocol in browser
      • Raspberry Pi
      • Mix Bio, drag and drop, simple online GUI