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Things I want to talk about at the next meeting:

  • Astronaut High School in Titusville has a Science Research Club. One of the girls I met wants to make freeze-resistant citrus crops using genetic engineering and she said they use the school's resources to do their science. According to their website, it is directed by Dr. Peter Gay, who has background in molecular biology and plant pathology and teaches Honors and AP bio. [1]
  • My friends Sam and John were both bio majors at UCF and both enjoyed mycology with Safranek. Sam is now an eco-homesteading apprentice in NC and John works at a plant nursery in AL. He told me about bags of natural hay (without fungicides) that are inoculated with mushrooms (blue oyster maybe?) and set on banks of rivers and lakes to filter out toxins (source needed). He's very interested in getting involved with bioremediation.
  • Derrek from FSU contacted the SynBio fb with interest in starting a club there. He did a high school project on the excretion of remnants of ibuprofen and birth control into the water system and is also very interested in bioremediation. He wants to be part of our iGEM group if we were to make one and he knows of a faculty member there who works on bionanotech and can provide guidance and perhaps funding. His personal ideas include:
    • Completely synthetic minimal cell
    • Cancer biosensors that recognize cell surface carbohydrates and activate a pathway that produces a poison made of recombinase enzymes to eliminate the cells
    • BioBrick from electric eel to make bacteria into self-reproducing batteries


  • Tues, 4/1, 12pm Graduate Research Forum, 8pm FamiLAB open house
  • Thurs, 4/3, 1pm Undergrad Research Forum
  • Tues, 4/8, 1pm Thinking Outside the Lab webinar, 6:30pm Cafe Scientifique on Nanotech at the library downtown
  • Thurs, 4/7, 7pm Orlando Python meetup
  • Sun, 4/13, 6-9pm Food Truck Bazaar at Fashion Square
  • Sat, 4/19, TEDxUCF