User:Christine Doan/Notebook/Identifying Kinase Substrates of PfCK2/2014/03/10

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new CK2

  • Concentration measured today: 317.5 ng/ul
  • Retransform (ice 30mins, 42C for 45sec, ice 2mins, 450ul SOC, 37C for 1hr, spin 1min, resuspend in 100ul SOC, use Ratna's burner to spread on Amp plate)
  • Grow colonies tonight
  • Tues, 3/11: pick colonies to grow in 5ml LB + 5ul Amp, ON
  • Wed, 3/12: inoculate 2.5ml into 250ml, grow to OD, induce with 0.5mM, 20C for 20hrs
  • Thurs, 3/13:

Kinase Substrates

  • Subs 2 and 9 looked like the right size
  • PCR cleanup on both
    • Sub 2: 19.38
    • Sub 9: 20.88