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Contact Info

Chris Hill
  • Chris Hill
  • Department of Genetics
  • University of Cambridge
  • Downing Street
  • Cambridge, UK
  • CB2 3EH
  • Lab no. (+44)1223 333975
  • Fax (+44)1223 333992
  • Email:
  • Email:

You can usually find me in lab 105 (first floor) in the Genetics Department at Cambridge University. Or perhaps down the corridor in the library. I'm currently working on the imaginatively named "voltage" project, and have this OpenWetWare account as a part of the iGEM 2008 Cambridge wiki:

iGEM Cambridge 2008 WIKI

So far I have worked on background research, protein modeling and theoretical gene design, biobrick extraction, restriction digestion, ligation & transformation and various assays on E.coli mutant strains (including growth, competence, K+ dose response and cytoplasmic [K+] 'the potassay'.)

I also have a role as the team personnel liasons officer, yes that's right! So if anyone needs anything regarding the project, drop me a line either through OpenWetWare or


Completed Part 1A of Biological Natural Sciences (Cambridge University): Biology of cells, Physiology of Organisms, Chemistry and Maths.

Research interests

The microbial genetic engineering approach at the interface between biological and electrical systems. One part of this involves mutant chassis selection (with appropriate gene knockout) and over-expression of various potassium channels and pumps. The second part is devising appropriate systems to measure the very sensitive voltage changes in vivo.

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