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  1. Sample was made Myoglobin: 0.25mM Au, 12.5uM Myoglobin, 3mL total
    1. Au 3.95mM
      1. (0.25mM)(3.0mL)=(XmL)(3.95mM)
      2. XmL= .190mL= 190uL Au
    2. Myoglobin 133uM
      1. (12.5uM)(3.0mL)=(XmL)(133uM)
      2. X=0.282mL= 282uL Myoglobin
    3. Water
      1. Volume of water= 3000uL- 190uL-282uL= 2528uL
  2. Absorbance measurements were taken and saved every 3 minutes for 3 hours
  3. The instrument was set at 80 degrees Celsius
  4. The scan range parameters were start at 310nm and ending at 540nm
  5. The emission and exit slit were set at 10nm

Scans AuNP Myoglobin pH7

Scans of myoglobin AuNP pH7.png

Wavelength of Myoglobin AuNp's at pH7

Wavelength myoglobin AuNP pH7.png

Maximum Intensity of Myoglobin AuNp's at pH7

Max intensity Myo AuNP pH7.png

Integrated Intensity of Myoglobins AuNp's at pH7

Integrated intensity AuNP myo pH7.png


  1. The maximum wavelength shifted around 2 hours 10 minutes to the left peak. This left peak is normally seen around 2 hours 30 minutes but is not normally higher than the original peak.

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