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The solutions were made 9/27/2016

The solutions had been in 80C oven for four hours and then sat at room temperature. UV-Vis spectra were taken of each sample from 200-800nm.

0.25mM Fructose pH12-4 (left to right)

.25 uv vis fructose.jpg

0.75mM Fructose pH 12-4 (left to right)

.75 frucctose uvvis jnjiok.jpg

1.25mM Fructose pH 4-12 (left to right)

.75 fructose uv vis.jpg


  1. Graphs for 0.25mM Fructose

Absorbance v. Wavelength

Absorbance V. Wavelength AuNp myoglobin fructose.25mM.png

Absorbance at 529nm

Absorbance at 529nm AuNP 0.25mM.png

Absorbance at 394nm

Absorbance at 394nm AuNP 0.25mM fructose.png

  1. Graphs for 0.75mM Fructose

Absorbance v. Wavelength

Absorbance v wavelength AuNP 0.75mM.png

Absorbance at 529nm

Absorbance at 529nm AuNp 0.75mM fructose.png

Absorbance at 392nm

Absorbance at 392nm aunp 0.75mM fructose.png

  1. Graphs for 1.25mM Fructose

Absorbance v Wavelength

Absorbance vs wavelength Aunp 1.25mM fructose.png

Absorbance at 529nm

Absorbance at 529nm Aunp 1.25mM fructose.png

Absorbance at 410nm

Absorbance at 410 nm AuNP fructose 1.25mM.png


  1. At pH 11 and pH 12 the absorbance is much less and the color is almost clear instead of the purple seen at all other pH values.
  2. In addition, a second peak appears around 390nm when fructose concentration is increased. Though this peak is almost always apparent at pH 11 and pH 12, it is not until the fructose concentration is increased that this peak is seen at lower pHs.
  3. It does not appear that changing the fructose changes the absorbance or anything else (besides appearance of second peak) of the gold nanoparticles.

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