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UV-Vis 9/7/2016

1. Samples made yesterday were taken out of the oven. They had been at 80C for four hours in the oven as well as for 30 minutes prior to the 4 hours where the temperature was increased to 80C.

  • 0mM Fructose Samples


  • 0.624 mM Fructose Samples


2. UV- Vis spectra were taken for all 18 samples that had been in the oven.

  • Spectra were taken from 800nm - 200nm.


Fructose 0.625mM, 4-12 pH

.625mM fructose UV-VIS.png

Peak at 554nm for all pH values of 0.625mM fructose AuNPs

Peak at 554nm UV vis .625mM fructose.png

Fructose 0mM, 4-12pH

0mM fructose uv vis ph 4-12.png

Peak at 554nm for all pH values of 0mM fructose AuNPs

Absorbance at 554nm for 0mM.png

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