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To determine the molar absorptivity of inosine and adenosine as well as to calculate a data analysis of the class data.

From Dr. Hartings


A new adenosine stock was repeated, using this procedure from yesterday. An adenosine stock solution of 3.03x10-3 M was created using 0.0809 g of adenosine. From there, new dilutions were made to the same concentrations as yesterday.



Matt Hartings For these spectra, why does the baseline go below zero? Do these need to be re-corrected to increase all of the values?




  • Data Analysis of Class Data


Matt Hartings What points have you decided to get rid of? What does that do to the data (i.e. the whole group's curve)? Did you use this curve to analyze an unknown? What was the calculated (and actual) concentration of that with error (derived from the calibration curve)?


The data our group collected yesterday for inosine was systematically lower than the rest of the class data. For this reason, our inosine data was not included in the class data. The adenosine trial from yesterday was also systematically lower than the class data. We remade the stock solution and ran the sample dilutions again. The resulting data was closer to the class data, so the first trial was discarded.