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Patent Analyst / Technical Consultant
Telecom / Wireless Technologies
Lincoln IP, Inc.
1940 Duke Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
Company Website:

Mathematics and Technology Instructor
Prince George's County Public Schools
12650 Brooke Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Office: 301.780.2100, Fax: 301.780.2112

Employment History

Mathematics Instructor (August 2013 - Present), Dr. Henry A. Wise, Jr. High School, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Database Manager (March 2013 - Present), Lincoln IP, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia

Patent Analyst / Technical Advisor (April 2012 - Present), Lincoln IP, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia Areas of Experience: Communications (e.g., wireless, cable, satellite, multiplex, computer networks, information security, error control theory, digital signal processing, VOIP), Embedded Systems, Semiconductors, Digital and Analog Circuits, etc.

Mathematics and Technology Instructor (October 2005 - April 2012); Facilitator / Program for International Educators (August 2007 - April 2012), PGCPS, Maryland

Institute Coordinator (June 2003 - September 2005); Department Chair (March 2000 - June 2003); Professor, Graduate School (November 2001 - September 2005); Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, and Computer Engineering (June 1996 - September 2005), MAPÚA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Manila

Department Head and Professor, Electrical and Electronics and Communications Engineering Department (November 1996 - October 1998), LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES, Manila

Lecturer/Reviewer, Electronics and Communications Engineering Professional Licensure Examinations (June 1999 - September 2005), CONSOLIDATED ENGINEERING REVIEW AND TRAINING INSTITUTE, INC., Manila


Telecommunications: Data Communications and Network Design, Microwave and Carrier Communications Engineering, Satellite Communications, Wire Telephony and Optical Fiber Communications, Transmission Lines, Antenna, and Radio Wave Propagation, Electronics Navigational Aids and Devices, Electromagnetics, Principles of Communication Systems, Communications Systems Analysis

Electrical/Electronics: Industrial Electronics (Semiconductor Devices), Network/Circuit Analysis, Logic Circuits and Switching Theory, Electronics Engineering

General Engineering: Mathematical Methods in Network Analysis, Engineering Probability and Statistics, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Economics and Accounting, Industrial/Engineering Management, Numerical Methods, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, College Algebra, Plane and Spherical, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Plane and Solid Measurements


Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management Technological University of the Philippines, Manila (September 2005) Dissertation: Competency Standards for Broadcast Technical Professionals in the Emerging Digital Television (DTV) Technology in the Philippines

Cisco Networking / Exploration v4.0, Cisco Networking Academy (June 2009)

Information Technology Certificate Program (e-Learning Contents Development) Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC), Tokyo, Japan (February 2004)

Master of Engineering, Major in Electronics and Communications Engineering Mapúa Institute of Technology, Manila (November 1998), Cum Laude

Graduate Courses, Non-Degree Major, Catholic University of America, Bowie State University, Goucher College, McDaniel College, Prince George’s Community College

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering Mapúa Institute of Technology, Manila (November 1994)

Awards / Distinctions

HONOREE, EXCELLENCE IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING given by the Philippine Development (PhilDev) Foundation USA, San Jose, California USA

RECIPIENT, SCHOLARSHIP IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY sponsored by the Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC), Tokyo, Japan

AWARDEE, 2002 MOST OUTSTANDING FACULTY MEMBER of Mapúa Institute of Technology

CUM LAUDE, Master of Engineering, Major in Electronics and Communications Engineering

RECIPIENT, SCHOLARSHIP GRANT (Master of Engineering Degree from Mapúa Institute of Technology) sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology - Engineering and Science Education Program (DOST-ESEP)

RECIPIENT, SCHOLARSHIP GRANT (BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering Degree from Mapúa Institute of Technology) sponsored by MIT Filipino-Chinese Alumni Association

Professional Development

Telecommunications: International Workshop on Coding, Cryptography, and Computer Security (CICC, Tokyo, Japan), TV Transmitter Design and Operation (Associated Broadcasting Company), Digital TV Broadcasting (ABS-CBN), Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (Hewlett Packard), Cellular Mobile Communications (Piltel), Electronic Navigation (Philippine Airlines)

Electrical/Electronics Engineering: EMI/EMC & Wireless Technology (Intel), Semiconductor Spintronic Devices, Pneumatics, Electropneumatics & Hydraulics Seminar (BOSCH), ISO Certification, Restructuring 101: An In-Depth Look at the Electric Power Industry

General Engineering & Management: Project Management Workshop (Kepner & Tregoe), Organizing and Writing Research Proposals Workshop, MicroStation Training (Bentley Institute), AutoCAD Training (Autodesk), AutoLISP with VisualLISP Training (Autodesk)

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