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GTC Session: Student Centered Learning: Successes, Failures and Strategies

  • Gabrielle and I facilitated a GTC section on Student-Centered learning. Details in the GTC blog post. Small group of about a dozen of us, still worked to break into four groups for the discussion section. Overall went very well, don't have a lot of comments to add about the experience or things I'd do differently. Did get some positive feedback and comments that we could have used much more time to explore these ideas! Certainly the hour seems to fly by rather than drag on in this style. I was impressed by one group's method of summarizing there discussion by having each member share a point; very organized and egalitarian.
  • Will try and add a Mendeley library link to the Student Centered Learning literature here when I get a chance. Maybe should add one to the GTC blog too. Should add notes from the group sections also.