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  • Structured populations part of project migrated to github from the google code page.
  • Finally switched to using STL for linked list in simulation.
  • Have working simulation function
  • ensemble run function also calculates the probability based on kernel-density estimation from the replicates.
  • Working on likelihood calculation.

Code progress

  • Lots of fun trying to get full structured population simulator working accurately. See git log for details, but ended up abandoning two separate versions of custom-written C linked lists and just switched entire code over to C++ to use the STL's linked list, which finally worked like a charm.

Exploring Github

  • Github pages: gh-pages lets you create webpage associated with the project. The page isn't automatically linked from the actual project page though, and though is easy to set up initially requires editing with a mix of ruby/html and fancy processing. Doesn't seem particularly promising as I hoped, since all subsequent editing has to be done in raw mode. Can also create user pages this way. See sample page for this project.
  • RSS feed anything -- commit logs, etc. Follow other users or projects, rss feed automatically to git dashboard.