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  • Working on likelihood ratio manuscript.

Labrid Herbivory data

Parrotfish gape shows significant differences for independent OU models (alpha, theta, sigma different) than wrasses. While the two-peak ouch model gets no support, allowing alpha and sigma to very results in a strongly significant model improvement.

<syntaxhighlight lang="rsplus">

> ws2$
ws2$alpha    ws2$data     ws2$loglik   ws2$regimes  ws2$sigma    ws2$theta    ws2$tree     ws2$Xo
> ws2$theta
[1] 0.2245493 0.9569619
> ws2$alpha
[1] 2.943846e+00 4.995744e-06
> ws2$sigma
[1] 0.5160019 1.2435074


(bootstraps/uncertainty of alpha, theta, sigma coming)