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1/26, Transect 3: Hay Infusion and Protist Identification

The Hay Infusion for Transect 3 had a distinct odor of manure, decay and stagnate water - almost swamp-like. Since the water had been still for about a week there were few dirt particles suspended, instead most of the dirt had collected into the base of the jar, leaving the yet to be stirred product relatively translucent. There was a thin layer of film/growth that had formed on the water's surface. In addition, around the edges of the jar, but on the water's surface, spots of light grey-green mold had begun to grow as well. There also consisted of plant matter (a branch with a few leaves), and a piece of rotted bench wood. Growth seemed to favor the niches closest to the plant matter, however, there had been some initial algae growth that remained on the bench. Samples were drawn from these niches and from the mid section of jar, consisting primarily of freely suspended dirt particles. Overall, 3 of 4 samples taken provided produced identifiable organisms.

[to be continued.....]