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Comparing First Derivatives of Magnetic Fields

On Tuesday, while I was working on the Lego electromagnet model in FEMM, I was thinking about all the different models that I've created and the different strengths of the forces they'd create. The truth is, I don't have a way to compare them side by side, and I feel this could hurt me in the long run. So what I'm doing today is gathering up the different models that I've made, and measuring all of the forces so that I can compare them. After going through my notebook to gather all the potentially useful links, see the section below, it is clear that I've done a lot of modeling for this project, and my goal of comparing them all side by side will probably take longer than I had anticipated.

Notes to myself as I work on this:

  • create a table representing all of the data:
    • model name
    • date created
    • units model was in
    • field derivative (in T/mm? in SI units?)
    • forces (definitely in fN)
    • current for electromagnet or mark if permanent magnet
    • location of data in model
    • length of interval of data (ie. if you did only 4 mm or 40 in)
  • make sure that all the derivatives/forces are in the same units
  • include not just the fancy ones, but also the least likely to work
  • link to notebook pages where each of the models was first made
  • possibly graph the forces (if relavent)
  • compare them to each other, by percentage, order of strength, etc.

Links to Potentially Useful Pages

These are going backwards in time