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Career Advice and Little Robots (Kind of)

Looking for something new to do, and to start working with the other people in the lab, I asked Andy what, if anything, I could do to start helping him along with his research. Somehow, the conversation switch gears to graduate school, and finding a work-life balance. It actually caught me off guard, and was really helpful. However, it really isn't relevant to my research, so I won't really write about it, but I did want to acknowledge that Andy was really helpful and took quite a lot of time just to talk with me, which I appreciate.

When we did get back on topic, he encouraged me to look up microcontrollers, and optics to get an idea of different things that I can learn and bring into the lab. He was talking about creating a joystick to move the stages, and more importantly, learn how to build, program and use different electronics. We ran out of time before I could do anything, but when I do get something together I'll post it.

Steve Koch 22:24, 1 December 2010 (EST):Thanks, Andy!