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Data Acquisition and Waveforms

Like I covered last Thursday, LabVIEW can interface with DAQ devices to collect and manipulate date from the world in the the program. To do this, the device has to convert a physical signal, like temperature over a period of time, into a digital signal that the computer can interpret. This is one of the main points of the DAQ device, but it is only a small fraction of what they are designed to do, and a small part of the overall process.

All of the VI's necessary for data acquisition and I/O are under the Data Acquisition pallet on the back panel. The most important one to remember is the DAQ assistant express VI, which is used to configure the component used to gather data and make measurements.

There are three different ways a task can be timed: acquire 1 sample, acquire n samples, and acquire continuously. Acquiring 1 sample is completely on demand, and returns the value