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Programming the Socratic Way

I can finally say that the tracking software is moving in the positive direction, but it is not completely of my own work. Larry has been helping me out with the software, and we are pushing through it. Obviously, since I know little about LabVIEW, he is doing most of the actual programing, while I am coming up with the general approach. He'll ask me a question about how to approach a problem we come across, or the next step we should take, and I'll purpose an idea, he'll program it in, and test it to see if it will work. If it does work, then we repeat the whole process again. I'm picking things up as I go, and I'm happy to have some tangible progress once again.

We have a couple of problems that do pop up occasionally. One that constantly gives me grief is when the computer is unable to find the droplet that I am looking for and looses it, or if a new one pops up. This confuses the computer and causes it to track droplets all over the place, matching up completely different droplets from one frame to the next. The fact that there are so many on screen at any one time could present a problem, but reducing the number through an experiment is only a temporary fix.